Tuesday, December 4, 2007


As the fashion industry begins to embrace the green movement, how can everyday consumers make informed decisions? The exhibition, Fashion Conscious, explores sustainability and how it relates to the current clothing market, from the environmental impact of eco-friendly textiles to the re-evaluation of industrial manufacturing.

The exhibition focuses on the two most salient points prevalent in contemporary eco-fashion: the use of new materials that claim to be better for the environment and the reuse of existing materials. The garments and accessories on display demonstrate how designers within the fashion industry are responding to the challenge of creating more sustainable products. In addition, a variety of textile samples are on view which visitors can touch and examine.

In conjunction with the exhibition, this blog acts as a resource for people interested in sustainable fashion and textiles. Beyond the scope of the museum's four walls, here we can discuss a wider range of related topics and designers. We encourage you to interact and share your comments.